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  • Sul Po Mag

    • Excellent source of sulfur, potassium and magnesium
    • Potassium incourages root growth and resistance to disease
    • Use 3-4 applications per year

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  • Sul Po Mag Package

    Sul-Po-Mag 0-0-20

    • 100% Natural Fertilizer
    • Enhances color on blooms and foliage
    • Excellent for Roses and other plants.

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  • Sulfate of Ammonia

    • Fast acting formula used to green leaves
    • Excellent source of nitrogen also contains 24% sulfur

    Available Sizes

    5 lb, 20 lb
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  • Super Phosphate

    Super Phosphate

    • Stimulates root growth
    • Promotes both blooms and fruit production
    • Use as needed approximately every 2 months

    Available Sizes

    5lb, 20lb
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  • Sure Start

    Sure Start

    • Fast acting formula offers instant gratification
    • Contains essential micro nutrients for plants
    • Use at planting time at the surface of the soil

    Available Sizes

    5lb, 16lb
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