Grow Trees & Shrubs with E.B. Stone

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Trees & Shrubs

Items you'll need: Trees or Shrubs, Shovel, Garden stakes, E.B. Stone Organic Planting Mix, E.B. Stone Sure Start Organic Fertilizer, E.B. Stone Organic Tree & Shrub Tree Food

Step 1: Choose a location with enough space for your tree or shrubs. And a spot that gets the required sun exposure the plant needs.

Step 2: Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root system - it should be deep enough so that the tips of the roots touch the bottom and place the tree in center of the planting hole

Step 3: Mix 50% E.B. Stone Organic Planting Mix to 50% native soil outside of the hole - sprinkle E.B. Stone Sure Start Organic Fertilizer on the roots to help reduce transplant shock and fill the remainder of the hole with the 50/50 mix

Step 4: Stake the tree if added support is needed

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