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Stop and smell the roses! Roses are one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers you can have in your garden. They come in many shapes and sizes and some need more care than others, so be sure to select the best varieties for your needs. Roses prefer to be planted in an area that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight and will grow well both in the ground or in a pot - E.B. Stone Rose Grow soil is designed for either planting application.

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How to Plant Roses

Items you'll need: 5-7gallon pot with drain holes (if growing in a pot/container), Rose bush, E.B. Stone Organics Rose & Flower Planting Mix, E.B. Stone Organic Sure Start Fertilizer, E.B. Stone Organic Rose & Flower Food

Step 1: Fill your pot with 2/3 of E.B. Stone Organics Rose & Flower Planting Mix

Step 2: Gently lift your rose out of the grower pots and massage the roots

Step 3: Place the rose in the pot and sprinkle E.B. Stone Organic Sure Start Fertilizer on the roots to help reduce transplant shock, and make sure that the crown is slightly above the surface of the soil

Step 4: Fill the remainder of the pot with soil and gently press the soil around the plant and water thoroughly

Check Out These E.B. Stone Products For Planting Roses

  • Rose and Flower

    Rose & Flower Mix

    • 100% Natural and Organic Potting or Planting Mix
    • Can be used as both a soil amendment or ready to use potting soil
    • Blended specifically for roses and flower gardens

    Available Sizes

    1.5 cu ft
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Increase New Cane Growth For Roses

Use 1/2 cup of E.B. Stone Alfalfa Meal in early Spring after pruning, to increase new cane growth for roses.

If Growing In The Ground...

We recommend mixing 50% Rose Grow Mix to 50% native soil when planting. Space Roses 3’ apart when and be sure not to bury the crown.

Note: *Be sure to feed with E.B. Stone Organic Rose & Flower Food and water regularly throughout the growing season.

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