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2016 marked our 100th year as a family owned company. We’ve grown a lot since 1916, when E.B.Stone himself started making fertilizer in San Jose, California. Thank you for buying our products and helping us remain the great company we are today!

The E.B. Stone History

In 1916, E.B. Stone created a fertilizer that made his fruit crops the talk of the other San Jose, California farmers. Over the years, E.B. Stone also created soil conditioners for flowers, fruit trees, and many plant varieties. In 1936, E.B. Stone moved his business to the Salinas Valley, where he began to sell his products to the valley farmers and local garden centers. When he retired in 1979, he sold his family business to the Crandalls—another family dedicated to keeping up the tradition of creating the best fertilizers and amendments.


We designed our headquarters in Northern California to reduce energy use by incorporating two high tech wind turbines to harness wind power. These turbines produce enough energy to power our entire production facility, offices, and plenty more! We also reduced our energy use by installing skylights throughout our production warehouse for natural lighting and by adding lighting that turns itself off when that part of the building is unoccupied.


We take great care to provide the highest quality products in the industry today. It’s all about integrity of ingredients, consistency, and results. Our uniquely formulated potting mixes, soil amendments, and fertilizers are specifically designed for both professional growers and home gardeners.

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