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  • Shredded Redwood Bark

    • Shredded Redwood bark helps retain moisture in the soil and lasts a long time
    • Apply to existing garden for a finished look
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  • Soil Booster

    • 100% Natural and Organic Soil Conditioner
    • Produces bountiful crops and beautiful blooms
    • Breaks up hard clay soil

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    1.5 cu ft
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  • Soil Sulfur

    • 100% Natural Fertilizer
    • Helps acidify the soil and lowering the pH of alkaline soils
    • Aids in the use of nitrogen by the plant

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  • Spanish Moss

    • Use as a decorative top dressing on indoor containers
    • Use for a more refined look on house plants
    • Helps retain moisture when used as a mulch

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  • Steer Manure

    Steer Manure

    • 100% Natural Garden Amendment
    • GreenAll steer manure is fully composted for better results
    • For use in early spring and fall

    Available Sizes

    2 cu ft
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