Grow With Us

Grow With Us

Come grow with us and learn more about E.B. Stone. We are constantly taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging: from developing weather resistant bags that are still recyclable, to seeking out printing inks with zero VOCs, to offsetting the carbon required to print our packaging by contributing to alternative energy programs around the world. We also use as much post consumer waste as possible to make our poly product bags. We know that when you are choosing E.B. Stone Organics products you are doing so because you believe in a greener garden and environment. We believe that we’re obligated to provide you with the best quality organic products that we can, but to also do what we can to reduce our own footprint in the world. Learn more about E.B. Stone’s practices below.

Committed To Greener Gardens

With the introduction of our E.B. Stone Organics product line, we accelerated our commitment to greener gardens. We helped to launch key innovations in the fertilizer world by incorporating beneficial soil microbes, like mycorrhizal fungi, in our products. We continue to seek ways to be a better steward and a greener business.    

Committed To Greener Packaging

The irony of being an organic fertilizer company, and thereby a steward of the environment, while having to sell packaged products is not lost on us. In 2010, we began an initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of all of our packaging. While others have elected to package their fertilizers in non-recyclable laminated plastic bags, we found a way to meet the demands of the market for weather resistant packaging and still allow for recycling in most communities. In the spring of 2010 we began to transition our traditional boxes to a new package. Made out of materials similar to orange juice cartons, our boxes can be recycled through most recycling programs in the country. We have also partnered with the Climate Neutral program to offset the carbon required to print our boxes by contributing to alternative energy programs around the world. At the same time, we have sought to find less toxic zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks and newer coatings to reduce the harmful environmental side effects of our packaging. As we develop new bags, we are committed to using as much post consumer waste as possible and continuing to use recyclable plastics in all of our poly bags. Our new E.B. Stone Organics Indoor Soil line is the first to use 35% post consumer plastics. This reduces the amount of plastic going to the landfill and uses less energy to produce.

Committed To Innovative Energy Savings

After a devastating fire in 2006 that left our Suisun, California production facility in ruins, we rebuilt to incorporate energy saving innovations. From skylights to allow for daytime operations without the need of electric lights, to state of the art lighting that turns itself off when parts of the building are unoccupied. We also added two high tech wind turbines and, because we are located in some of the best wind power areas of California, we were producing more electricity than required by the end of 2011.    

Take Extra Care

While our organic garden soils are safe for people, pets and the environment, always keep organic fertilizers out of the reach of children and pets. Many of the ingredients contained in organic fertilizers are especially attractive to animals. Ingestion in small doses should not be harmful, but because of the addition of beneficial microbial inoculants, extra care should be taken to prevent exposure for pets. Follow the label directions, and thoroughly mix the product into the soil. Water well immediately following fertilizer application to help incorporate and activate the fertilizer.