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Raised Bed & Potting Mix

E.B. Stone Organics Raised Bed & Planting Mix

cdfa-logo-smE.B. Stone Raised Bed and Potting Mix is an ideal soil for any raised bed.  It can be used as a stand alone soil or mixed with garden soil.  Our Raised Bed and Potting Mix is designed with carefully selected, premium ingredients.  Rich compost holds the nutrients plants need, Coir (Coconut fiber) hold moisture in the root zone, Naturally-aged forest fiber feeds soil microbes and provides organic matter, Volcanic pumice drains away excess water, Beneficial microbes enhance plant’s root zone.

Contains: Regionally Sourced Bark, Coir, Compost, Pumice, Earthworm Castings, Aged Chicken Manure and Mycorrhizae. Get your Raised Bed off to a great start by planting with E.B. Stone Sure Start.

I have a raised bed filled with last year’s soil, do I need to add anything to it?

Yes, you should refresh the soil each year before you plant your new vegetable or flower garden. As your plants grow, the soil will become depleted of nutrients. You will notice, as time passes, that the soil level in your raised beds will subside. That is the organic matter in the growing medium breaking down. For those reasons, you should add a soil amendment such as E.B. Stone Raised Bed and Potting Mix. Add a few bags and mix into the soil to add nutrients and organic matter. Don’t forget the Sure Start fertilizer when first planting. Sure Start will insure that your plants get off to a good start.

I have a raised bed for planting my vegetables, should I use Potting Soil to fill it or something else?

You can use Potting soil, but we recommend E.B. Stone Raised Bed and Potting Mix. This mix was formulated with lots of organic nutrients for these fast growing plants. You can use it just as it comes from the bag, no mixing necessary.

Don’t forget to feed your vegetables throughout the growing season. Think about it this way, we ask a lot of a vegetable plant (or annual flower, for that matter) It will start from a seed, grow to maturity, bear wonderful fruit for us to eat and die, all in one short season. It takes a lot of energy (food) to do that, so don’t forget to feed every 6 to 8 weeks during the season.

Master’s Pride Professional Potting Soil

Master Nursery Professional Potting Soil

cdfa-logo-smReady to use as it comes from the bag. Formulated for planting all indoor and outdoor plants including flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Use when planting in all types of containers including redwood tubs, clay pots, wine barrels, indoor pottery, hanging baskets and raised beds. Contains: A Natural and Organic Blend of Fir Bark, Aged Redwood, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Volcanic Pumice, Perlite, Chicken Manure, Earthworm Castings, Washed Sand, Kelp Meal, Bat Guano, Feather Meal and Gypsum. Oystershell and Dolomite Lime are added as pH adjustors. A natural wetting agent, Yucca Shidegera Saponin, has been added to help to remoisten the product. Also contains Mycorrhizal Fungi and Humic Acid.

Soil Booster

GreenAll Soil Booster

cdfa-logo-smAn all organic soil conditioner for mixing into flower beds and vegetable gardens prior to planting. Makes soils easier to work, helps loosen compact soil, conserve moisture and improve soil aeration. Contains: Aged Redwood, Aged Fir Bark, Chicken Manure, Earthworm Castings, Volcanic Pumice, Bat Guano, Kelp Meal and Feather Meal. Putting in a new lawn? Condition your soil with our Soil Booster before seeding. Loosen that ground so your grass seeds can root properly. Be sure to use some of our Sure Start into the mix and nurture your infant grass to a mature lawn. Perfect for use in all raised bed planters.