Gardening Tips

We know you put your heart and soul into everything you grow. Which is why we want to help your plants with E.B. Stone Gardening Tips for everything in your garden. We find solutions and helpful tips while producing all of our products, so we want to share what we’ve learned with you. Scroll down to find useful E.B. Stone gardening tips.

Potted Plants

Celeste Wheeler, from EB Stone, explains step by step how to plant, grow, and maintain potted plants. Beginning with organic potting soil and the addition of a thriller, filler, and spiller to the use of Sure Start and consistent watering, Celeste provides a detailed and effective method for potting success. By conquering these techniques, it will enable you to liven up any yard with a variety of containers of all types of colors, shapes, and sizes. With these helpful hints you can alter a seemingly simple and plain patio into thematic and unified entertainment area.

Citrus Trees

Celeste Wheeler, from EB Stone, explains how to correctly plant a citrus tree. Whether planting in the ground or in a container, Celeste displays the most effective method for either planting option. From the type of fruit to the specific soil and location of the tree, the video depicts the significance of each key step and needed ingredients. Beginning with planting compost and cactus mix, to the addition of citrus food and chicken manure, these simple yet helpful hints make planting both fun and easy.

Plant Tomatoes

Celeste Wheeler, from EB Stone, explains the proper and most effective way to plant tomatoes. Packed with great tips and tricks, Celeste walks you trough every step of the planting process. From picking the best type of tomatoes and choosing the correct cages to countless soil and watering techniques, this informational video leaves no questions unanswered. The planting hints, such as the use of Sure Start and Tomato and Vegetable food, are extremely vital for plant wellness, and their organic components are not only easy but safe to use. By precisely following each step and applying the numerous tips and tricks, you will be growing tomatoes in no time.