Master's Pride Professional Potting Soil
Available Sizes
  8 qt.
20 qt.
2 cu. ft.
Master's Pride Professional Potting Soil
Ready to use as it comes from the bag. Formulated for planting all indoor and outdoor plants including flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Use when planting in all types of containers including redwood tubs, clay pots, wine barrels, indoor pottery, hanging baskets and raised beds.

Contains a natural and organic blend of fir bark, aged redwood, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, volcanic pumice, perlite, chicken manure, earthworm castings, washed sand, kelp meal, bat guano, feather meal and gypsum. Oystershell and dolomite lime are added as pH adjustors. A natural wetting agent, Yucca shidegera saponin, has been added to help to remoisten the product. Also contains mycorrhizal fungi and humic acid.